Part of the Solution – IDA Colorado

Part of the Solution – IDA Colorado

Guest: Ryan Parker, IDA Colorado Chapter Chair

In our first ever “video spotlight” we’re excited to introduce Ryan Parker, IDA Colorado Chapter Chair. In this brief interview Ryan talks about what being a steward of the night means to him, why Mr. Roger’s is one of his heroes, and about the efforts of the Colorado IDA Chapter. Watch Ryan’s interview above or at this link!


The power of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) lies within its grassroots advocates including over 60 IDA Chapters across the globe all working to preserve the natural nighttime environment. Being locally attuned to specific geographical and cultural issues is what makes IDA Chapters effective stewards of the night.

IDA Colorado’s mission is to connect members to the people and resources they need to advance dark-sky work, including promoting lighting best practices, promoting IDA-recommended governmental policy, and recognizing Dark Sky Places.

The IDA Colorado chapter is a Colorado LLC, and an official part of the International Dark-sky Association. IDA Colorado has a Board of Managers, a volunteer Director who is also the Chair of the Board of Managers, a team of Regional Coordinators, and many members who contribute in other ways.


IDA Colorado Chapter Website:

IDA Colorado Calendar:

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Recommended Links for Advocates:

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