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Astronomical tourism, or “Astro-tourism,” is a form of nature-based tourism specifically concerned with the viewing of celestial objects, space and the physical universe. Astrotourism is also one of the most sustainable forms of tourism.

The Astrotourism Toolkit includes resources regarding astronomy and dark-sky related tourism and recreation, including potential benefits and suggestions as to how and where to experience exceptional night skies.


Dark Sky Tourism TOOLKIT

What is Dark Sky Tourism? What is the product? What are sustainable tourism best practices? What does success look like? All you need to know to understand astrotourism in your area.

Utah Office of Tourism

the great western starry way

From Glacier to Grand Canyon. From the Canadian to the Mexican border. Find your adventure.

The Great Western Starry Way

Colorado stargazing (2020)

A guide for the best stargazing locations, events, and celestial objects visible throughout Colorado.

Colorado Stargazing: Experiencing the Night

“Crucially, from an economic standpoint, the single most important thing about dark-sky tourism is that it necessitates one or more overnight stays.”

Mitchell and Gallaway (2019)