Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative

“Come for the Cosmos”

The Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative (BRDSC) began as an effort to protect one of the most natural night skies in the lower 48 with a mission to reduce further loss of nocturnal environments and to safeguard access to the inspiration, education and enjoyment of the night sky.

BRDSC Mission

The Basin and Range region in the western United States is named for its erratic and abrupt changes in elevation and topography. Not surprisingly, deserts, mountain ranges, alpine lakes, and valleys can be found within this region.

What may be less obvious is that this area harbors some of the best places in the country to observe the Milky Way and star studded night skies. The darkest part of this landscape forms the Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative, America’s second dark sky cooperative following in the footsteps of the Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative.

The Colorado Plateau and Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperatives support and promote landscape-scale night sky conservation efforts throughout two of the darkest remaining regions in the Western United States.

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Coordinator Ashley Pipkin