Current Projects

The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative supports community-based landscape-scale approaches to dark sky conservation.

We invite agencies, businesses, communities, and individuals to become dedicated to the conservation of quality nights skies by adapting policy, promoting and participating in actions, and conducting educational outreach in support of night sky visibility and natural nocturnal environments for the enjoyment of present and futures generations.

Southeastern Utah Night Sky Reserve

The southeastern region of Utah is a unique landscape known for its national parks and monuments, rugged deserts, pine-clad mountains, rural character, Native American heritage, and pristine night skies.

In an effort to celebrate the region’s starry sky heritage, a group of passionate individuals, agencies, and local residents are working together to nominate the region as an International Night Sky Reserve . Click here to learn more about the initiative.

The Future of the Cooperative: a Strategic Plan

The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative is working on a 1-3 year strategic plan. More information coming soon.