Tools & Resources

This page contains five toolboxes with resources to help you with your dark sky conservation goals.

Dive into the Night

Planners and Decision Makers

A suite of resources to aid and educate planners and decision makers to better plan for night sky conservation.

Keywords: Lighting Ordinance, Dark Sky Planning

Dark Sky Certifications

Tools and Resources to aid communities, parks, and protected land areas in achieving an International Dark Sky Place Certification.

Keywords: IDA, Dark Sky Certification

Citizen Scientist

Resources to empower members of the public in collecting, analyzing, and sharing natural nighttime date.

Keywords: Sky Brightness Measurements, SQM values

Good Neighbor

Informative resources for residents to educate themselves and their neighbors about the effects of artificial light at night (ALAN).

Keywords: ALAN, Light Pollution, Lighting Best Practices

Coming soon..


Tools and resources related to the economic benefits and possibilities of astrotourism.

Keywords: Astrotourism, Night Sky Experiences