Dark Sky Toolbox

Welcome to the Cooperative’s Dark Sky Toolbox! Below are eight unique toolkits with resources tailored to meet your specific dark sky conservation needs and goals. New to dark skies? We recommend you dive into the night!

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New to the topic of dark skies? The Dive into the Night Toolkit includes a selection of our favorite dark-sky introductory resources that lay a foundation for dark sky conservation best practices, benefits, and programs.

Keywords: Learn, Basics, Dark Skies, Light Pollution, Introductory

The Dark Sky Certifications Toolkit includes tools and resources to aid communities, parks, and protected land areas in achieving an International Dark Sky Place Certification.

Keywords: IDA, Dark Sky Certification

The Planners & Decision Makers Toolkit offers a suite of resources to aid and educate planners and decision makers to better understand the implications of dark sky conservation and to plan for and implement effective policies.

Keywords: Lighting Ordinance, Dark Sky Planning

The Good Neighbor Toolkit includes resources for better understanding what it means to be a good neighbor, how to take action around your own home and neighborhood, and an overview of good neighbor lighting policies and best practices.

Keywords: ALAN, Light Pollution, Lighting Best Practices, Light Trespass

The Dark Skies & Culture Toolkit includes resources to learn more about archeoastronomy, ethnoastronomy. and other cultural astronomy concepts and traditions.

Keywords: Cultural Astronomy, Indigenous Peoples, Traditions

The Lighting Design Toolkit includes resources for understanding outdoor lighting basics, responsible lighting principles, and identifying dark-sky-friendly lighting. Ideas and examples of how to creatively incorporate dark-sky themes into outdoor designs are also included.

Keywords: Lighting Design, Best Practices, Outdoor Lighting, Light Pollution

The Citizen Scientist Toolkit includes resources to empower members of the public to collect, analyze, and share natural nighttime data.

Keywords: Sky Brightness Measurements, SQM values

The Astrotourism & Recreation Toolkit includes resources regarding astronomy and dark-sky related tourism and recreation, including potential benefits and suggestions as to how and where to experience exceptional night skies.

Keywords: Astrotourism, Night Sky Experiences

Additional Resource Links

Click below to access additional resources from partner organizations and other night sky conservation groups.