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Photo Credit: International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)

These materials are credited to the International Dark-Sky Association’s website, and can also be found on their website.


Light Pollution Solution Postcard: Everybody can do something to stop light pollution and now we have a postcard explaining exactly what YOU can do! The front has the International Dark Sky Week logo and the back has colorful infographics, giving people simple solutions to help protect the night sky.

Front of Light Pollution Solution Postcard (PDF)
Back of Light Pollution Solution Postcard (PDF)

Light Pollution Wastes Energy Infographic: IDA has created a captivating infographic that breaks down the data on the amount of energy and money wasted due to bad lighting, in an easy-to-understand manner. Share this image on social media, via email, or download and print them out to distribute at your next event.

IDA Energy Infographic (for printing)
IDA Energy Infographic (for web)

Posters, Displays and Brochures

Brochures: IDA has general brochure, five topic-specific brochures that provide an overview of the effects of light pollution and offers suggestions and solutions. Our other brochures address the more specific impacts of light pollution, including wildlife, safety and security, energy waste, and light at night and human health.

These are available for  free print. However, if you would like to have one printed, please contact Susan Ciarniello at or 520-293-3198.

Rack Card: The IDA rack card is a 4” x 9,” one-sheet informational resource that can be placed in high-foot-traffic areas, such as libraries, community centers and bookstores. If you know of places in your community where our rack cards would be appropriate, then please be sure to download the high-resolution PFD for printing or request copies to be sent to you.

View the rack card here 

Photo Credit: International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)

Traveling Pop-Up Display: IDA has created six traveling pop-up displays for free. They’re easy to assemble and come in six different themes: “Heritage of Our Night Sky,” “Light Pollution and Wildlife,” “Artificial Light at Night and Human Health,” “Lighting and Energy Waste,” “Lighting and Safety,” and “Solutions.” We ship our ever-popular pop-up displays to you for free and only ask that you pay the return postage when shipping them back. To request our traveling pop-up displays please contact Susan Ciarniello at or 520-293-3198.

IDA also provides high-resolution PDFs of the displays to download for free, so you can have them printed as displays or posters.

Astronomy Handouts: These handouts present information on dominant constellations at various times in the year. They detail how to find these constellations, astrological features and deep space objects in each, and associated myths.


IDA’s “Losing the Dark” is a free informative six-minute introduction to light pollution that can either be streamed online or downloaded onto your computer.

Look at some of the  Videos on our website.

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