The Western Night Skies Council

The Western Night Skies Council (WNSC) values the preservation of the last remaining large ‘pools’ of natural darkness in the Lower 48 states and presents a platform for sharing resources and information, increasing dialogue, and providing mutual support for the diverse groups of night sky conservation advocates throughout the Western United States.

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About the Council

Artificial sky brightness as a ratio to natural sky brightness highlighting the 11 western states.


61 International Dark Sky Parks & Places

40 + Council members

20 International Dark Sky Communities

11 Western States

2 Dark Sky Cooperatives

1 Big starry sky

The Western Night Skies Council is composed of 40+ individuals representing state and federal agencies, community leaders, tribal nations, educational institutions, non-profits, and local businesses throughout the West. The council meets virtually on a quarterly basis and hosts webinars throughout the year.

WNSC Webinar Library

Webinar Library

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The Council’s Favorite Dark-Sky Resources

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Western Night Skies Council

WNSC Seminar Series

Council-sponsored webinars are open to all interested participants and provide opportunities for knowledge and skill-sharing, interactive Q&A’s, network building, showcasing dark-sky advocacy work, and fostering connection, communication, and collaboration.

The Illuminating Engineering Society: Working Towards Darker Skies

Tuesday June 15, 2021

11:00am MST

Other Resources

  • Dark-Sky Toolbox: Dark-sky tools and resources curated by the Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative.
  • GNAR Toolkit: More resources for gateway and natural amenity region communities.

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased communication and collaboration between dark-sky advocates
  • Sharing of best practices, tools, resources, information, and skills
  • Clarification as to who is doing what where
  • Amplification of night sky advocate voices
  • Decreased stigmatization of the dark skies movement
  • Entities working together that would not normally do so
  • Opportunities to connect students and young professionals with projects, internships, and career opportunities

About The Dark Sky Cooperatives & GNAR

The Colorado Plateau and Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperatives support and promote landscape-scale night sky conservation efforts throughout two of the darkest remaining regions in the Western U.S. and the GNAR (Gateway, Natural Amenity, Recreation) Initiative aims to leverage research, education, and capacity building to assist communities, land managers, and others in gateway and natural amenity regions throughout the West in preparing for and responding to planning, development, natural resource management, and public policy challenges.