Objectives and Principles


The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative leads the way in protecting natural darkness as a precious resource and creating a model for night sky protection. Please check out all the available resources on our website’s toolbox and contact us if you want to learn more about the Cooperative’s work, have questions, or want to become more involved. 

The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative Objectives


The Dark Sky Cooperative is promotes the following six principles:

  1. The view of the night sky is a precious resource and a cultural heritage that has become rare in America and throughout the world.
  2. Sharing the night sky can enhance local economies through destination ecotourism, extending visitor length of stay, and providing families more activities during their vacation.
  3. Night sky friendly outdoor lighting is more efficient, resulting in improved visibility and safety, energy savings, reduced costs, and elevated quality of life for residents.
  4. Conservation will be enhanced through partnership between communities, public land managers, and other partners. Education, voluntary measures, and creative approaches will be emphasized.
  5. Dark night skies also benefit nocturnal animals and help maintain wildlife corridors and ecosystem health.
  6. A shared vision can best protect dark skies for this and future generations.