Who We Are

The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative is a voluntary initiative to link communities, tribes, businesses, state agencies, federal agencies, and citizens in a collaborative effort to: 

  1. Celebrate the view of the cosmos 
  2. Minimize the impact of outdoor lighting 
  3. Protect natural nighttime skies and restore natural darkness in areas where it has been degraded 

The Dark Sky Cooperative encourages community-based landscape-scale approaches to dark sky conservation and recognizes that civic engagement is the foundation for a shared stewardship of our starry sky heritage. 

We invite agencies, business, communities and individuals to become dedicated to the conservation of quality night skies by adopting policy, promoting and participating in actions and conducting educational outreach in support of night sky visibility and natural nocturnal environments for the enjoyment of present and future generations. 

Our Objectives

The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative hopes to lead the way in protecting natural darkness as a precious resource and create a model for dark sky protection. Please contact us if you want to learn more about the Cooperative’s objectives, have questions or want to become more involved. 

The Dark Sky Cooperative does not have a legal boundary, but is instead a geographic region where public lands, tribes, communities, businesses, schools, clubs, and citizens join to support a set of principles resulting in mutual benefits and the long-term conservation of our starry night heritage. 

Annual Report

Learn more about our previous work and where the CPDSC is headed: 2018 Annual Report


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