Who We Are


The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative consists of individuals who together promote conservation efforts to protect one of the region’s beautiful resources: naturally dark and star filled skies. 

We collaboratively work with different stakeholders and communities to further spread awareness of light pollution issues, mitigations strategies, and the importance to protect the view of the cosmos. 


The Dark Sky Cooperative does not have a legal boundary, but is instead a geographic region where public lands, tribes, communities, businesses, schools, clubs, and citizens join to support a set of principles resulting in mutual benefits and the long-term conservation of our starry night heritage. 

Photo credit: Bettymaya Foott


The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative strives to sustainably promote night sky conservation and light pollution mitigation efforts in the Colorado Plateau Region and beyond. 


The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative is a voluntary initiative to link communities, tribes, businesses, local, state, and federal agencies, citizens, and educational institutions in a collaborative effort to:

  • Celebrate the view of the cosmos
  • Minimize the impacts of outdoor lighting
  • Protect natural night time skies and restore natural darkness in areas where it has been degraded, and
  • Promote astronomy-based recreation and tourism. 

The Dark Sky Cooperative encourages community-based landscape-scale approaches to night sky conservation and recognizes that civic engagement is the foundation for a shared stewardship of our starry sky heritage.

We invite agencies, businesses, communities, and individuals to become dedicated to the conservation of quality night skies by adopting policies, promoting and participating in actions, and conduction educational outreach in support of night sky viability and natural nocturnal environments for the enjoyment of present and future generations. 



The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative is led by an Acting Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator who work to follow the Cooperative’s vision and achieve its mission with the support of valuable partners. Currently, the Cooperative’s funding is provided by the United States National Park Services in cooperation with the University of Utah and other partners. 

The Cooperative is led by a Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator who work to achieve the mission and objectives of the Cooperative with the support of valuable partners. Current funding is provided by those partners in cooperation with the University of Utah.

Acting Coordinator

Aubrey grew up in Cache Valley, Utah and many of her childhood memories included the view of the night skies. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and an MS in Bioregional Planning from Utah State University.

Fun fact: Aubrey knits foods with eye balls
Favorite food: Tacos

Assistant Coordinator

Sophie is originally from Vienna, Austria but has since moved to Salt Lake City for school and to enjoy the mountains. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Ecology with a minor in Dark Sky Studies at the University of Utah. 

Fun fact: Sophie loves rubber duckies.
Favorite food: Avocado Toast


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