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Global light pollution is increasing at a rate of nearly 2% a year. While naturally dark night skies are becoming increasingly rare, pockets of natural darkness can still be found throughout the Western United States and the region boasts the highest concentration of International Dark Sky Places in the world. This dialogue-rich session brought together a diverse group of dark-sky advocates and community leaders from five Western States and provides an opportunity to meet and learn from them as they share perspectives on protecting what may be the last remaining pools of natural darkness in the Continental U.S.

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The Minor in Dark Sky Studies at the University of Utah is the first academic program of its kind and was established through the generous support of the W.M. Keck foundation in 2018. We started teaching classes in the Fall of 2019. Our first cohort of students completed the Capstone Course in the Fall of 2020. The core courses are Lightscapes, Nightscapes, and the Capstone Course. Dr. Daniel Mendoza will present a brief description of the minor and each course, as well as our community engagement activities, and vision for future work.

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Astrophotography: Discovering the Night

April 8, 2021

Join us during International Dark Sky Week on Thursday, April 8th at 2:00pm MST for an incredible and nuanced conversation around night sky photography! A panel of four talented astrophotographers will share their unique experiences, perspectives, and expertise. Attend this session if you want to hear stories about National Park Service volunteer work, understand how to use astrophotography as a communication tool for dark sky awareness, or share the joy of watching others touch the night sky for the first time